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Completed: CRITICAL Infrastructure Collection
Heating Replacement - $20,000.00
Fundraiser finishes 01/04/23

The heating boiler at OLK is well over 25 years old. So much so that parts to repair it are almost unavailable. It is obsolete and requires full replacement.


We have met our newly revised contractor’s estimate of approximately $19,500 with additional donations from other parishioners and friends of Our Lady of Kazan.   The original $35,000 estimate was revised down after we consulted advice from our architect, Paul Tiajoloff, and a professional engineer and conducted a competitive search with a number of contractor bids.

Thank you all for your generous support and ability to keep our parish nice and warm for the winter season!

$20,000.00 raised of $20,000.00

Our Lady of Kazan
Russian Orthodox Church
78 Heller Parkway; Newark, NJ 07104

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Heating Replacement - $20,000.00

Our Lady of Kazan Russian Orthodox Church
78 Heller Parkway; Newark, New Jersey 07104